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Voges Performs

At the heart of our plastic packaging is what you put inside. It has to really do justice to your product by giving it a distinctive appearance. Our packaging's high-quality materials and appealing design ensure your product performs at its best.

In-house design

We design the moulds for your packaging in-house in our own studio. That way you can rest assured of getting the packaging solution to exactly suit your needs. From a complex, tailor-made item to simple applications, we are happy to come up with a solution for you and will swiftly produce a concept and a trial model.

Since 1882

Voges has been trading since 1882 and traces its origins to the export of bulbs. Our founder John Voges noticed early on that using high-quality packaging was crucial for delivering bulbs. ‘Just in time' was already a major issue back then, when transportation took longer than it does today. When the company moved into the mail order business in the 1920s, the demand for high-quality packaging became even bigger.Dissatisfied with the levels of quality available at the time, Voges decided to set up his own range of packaging. And it was a great success. By applying innovative solutions, Voges was able to significantly reduce packaging costs, whilst increasing the quality at delivery. In the 1970s, Voges completed the move to plastic packaging. And today, the current owner, Albert Voges, specialises in developing packaging and in-house packaging design, continuing the company's work towards the best-performing packaging.


In our workshop, 14 ILLIG (brand) machines provide constant capacity for vacuum-formed packaging up to a maximum area of 75 x 53cm. Because we use our own moulds and keep plastics in stock, we can respond quickly to meet many kinds of orders. And sustainably too. We take care to recycle materials and reuse processing water throughout the production process.


We provide plastic packaging for various markets. We originally began supplying the horticultural sector. Over the years, businesses in the sectors of consumer goods, food products, health & beauty and electronics have come to us too. We have a packaging solution to suit virtually every market.

Voges and the Environment

Our plastic packaging should not be harmful to the environment. That is why we also use Ingeo™ polymers, a natural form of plastic made from the NatureWorks biopolymer. So our packaging is naturally biodegradable.

compostable packaging

We have also recently started processing VibersTM. A new, circular material. It’s made from elephant grass (Miscanthus Giganteus) and a residual product from the potato processing sector. Elephant grass is a fast-growing crop that captures 4x as much CO2 as a forest with trees.

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