From the idea to the packaging 

At Voges we make sure that your plastic packaging needs are all met in one go. A one stop shop, from the idea to the packaging. In order to guarantee our high levels of quality, we follow an established project phasing structure. That also means you can be assured of reliable delivery. The production process for our thermoformed plastic packaging is made up of the following steps.

1. Design

Your preferences and requirements are fully set out in an explanatory talk in which we explain our innovative solutions and technological advances in the market. We then design your packaging in 3D, using our CAD system.


2. Trial Model

We calculate the cutting paths based on the 3D drawing in our own studio. We use a CNC milling machine to make a trial mould, which then quickly produces a trial model. You can then present this internally. We will then implement any changes that are made, to give you a clear picture of the final result. Finally, we work towards a final production design.


3. Production

After the design phase has been completed, the vacuum-formed plastic packaging is manufactured as follows: We feed a strip of plastic into the machine, and make the material flexible by heating it. Once it has been heated, we put the flexible material into the mould. Once the material is in the mould, it is prestretched with a stamp, whilst a vacuum pulls it from the other side. This technique puts the packaging under pressure from above and below, and this pressure from both parts of the mould produces the desired shape. Our hole-punching equipment and cutting template ensure each piece of packaging is neatly finished.


4. Logistics & Aftersales

If you wish, we will deliver the whole order to your packaging site and will help think about your Just in Time process. The world of plastic packaging never stops moving, and neither do we. After we have delivered your packaging order, we will keep you up to date on new solutions and options emerging in the world of packaging. So that the next time you place an order you know that your packaging will perform in live with the latest norms.

Logistics & Aftersales