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Why plastic is sometimes the best choice

Voges aims to make the world a greener place. The plastic packaging we produce makes it possible, for instance, to ship plants safely. Plastic? That’s right!

The material has properties that are fundamentally important in our everyday lives. These properties enable perfect packaging and minimise environmental impact. For example, plastic is:

Energy efficient

It can easily be formed into any desired shape with very little energy required.


It is strong and resilient and has excellent shock absorption properties. This offers plants optimum protection during transport.


The lighter weight enables lower transport costs and reduces the burden on the environment.


Because our plastic is transparent, the plants receive light for as long as possible during processing.


This creates an ideal microclimate within the packaging so that end users get plants that are in tip-top condition.


Recycling plastic is easy and energy-efficient. Old packaging is simply used to make new packaging.

Google ‘plastic’ and your search results will be dominated by related environmental issues. And justifiably so. The problems are indeed huge and fully deserve the attention they receive. As a result, increasingly promising solutions are being conceived whereby a combination of partial solutions could make a great difference.

The focus of Voges



The less plastic we have to use, the better.


We produce as much as possible from used PET plastic.


We collect all the plastic waste and offer it for reuse.


We motivate our customers and encourage them to recycle.


Compostable where possible!

We manufactured a complete range on the basis of Ingeo™ biopolymers as early as 2003. This so-called performance plastic uses corn as a renewable raw material. This type of packaging is 100% degradable.

Today, however, it is more of a fine promise than an effective solution.

On the one hand this is because the packaging nearly always ends up with other plastic waste to be either processed or burnt, and on the other hand because there is insufficient availability in the market to meet the current demand.

Recycling lasts longest

Voges produces packaging made from recycled PET plastic. To do this we closely collaborate with our supplier 4PET Recycling, which processes 150 tons of Post Consumer Waste a day.
How does it work? Watch the video.

In-house recycling

Zero waste. If you work with plastic there will be plastic waste. Everything that is left - each and every bit of it - is collected by us and offered to our recycled PET plastic producer for reuse. 

4-PET introduction

Recycling lasts longest. We closely collaborate with our supplier 4PET Recycling, which processes 150 tons of Post Consumer Waste a day. 

One Million Colours

Thousand colours. Because we work with recycled plastic, the colour intensity of our packaging varies.


Doing business can be even greener

That is why Voges has opted for solar panels. We have installed no fewer than 1100 solar panels to provide the company with green energy. When we are running at full production capacity, we use all the solar energy generated and only need to supplement half of our energy needs. When all machines are idle - for example, after hours, on weekends or on public holidays - all the green energy is fed back into the grid. In this way we do business in a green and sustainable manner.


Solar Panels


We encourage good behaviour

Voges encourages its users to offer the used packaging for recycling. This is going quite well. Our users usually have green fingers, which makes them very inclined to separate plastics.

Smart design

More with less

Voges invests in smart industrial design. Using ingenious designs, we produce ultra-thin packaging that retains its protective qualities. Less plastic is always good. 

CO2 Neutral

We do what we can

At Voges we go to great lengths to minimise our carbon footprint. In our production process we make as much use as possible of green energy, which we prefer to generate ourselves.

Any ideas on how we could improve on this?

Voges is always open to new insights. If you have any ideas about how we could further optimise the production of our packaging, please let us know. We will always respond.