Recycled plastic packaging

At the heart of our plastic packaging is what you put inside. It has to really do justice to your product by giving it a distinctive appearance. The high-quality materials and appealing design of our packaging ensure your product performs at its best.

Why plastic is sometimes the best choice

Voges aims to make the world a greener place. The plastic packaging we produce makes it possible, for instance, to ship plants safely. Plastic? That’s right.

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From the idea to the packaging

At Voges we make sure that your plastic packaging needs are all met in one go. A one stop shop, from the idea to the packaging.

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Recently Added

  1. Z544285K

    Z544285K Sku: Z544285K-100pcs

    Unit price € 0.75
    Quantity per carton 100
    Price per carton € 75.00
    Out of stock
  2. Z544285B1

    Z544285B1 Sku: Z544285B1-100pcs

    Unit price € 0.79
    Quantity per carton 100
    Price per carton € 79.00
    Out of stock
  3. PM3406CPG

    PM3406CPG Sku: PM3406CPG-200pcs

    Unit price € 0.22
    Quantity per carton 200
    Price per carton € 44.00
  4. P12713A

    P12713A Sku: P12713A-125pcs

    Unit price € 0.45
    Quantity per carton 125
    Price per carton € 56.25
  5. Z430325K

    Z430325K Sku: Z430325K-50pcs

    Unit price € 0.50
    Quantity per carton 50
    Price per carton € 25.00
  6. Z04X24Z

    Z04X24Z Sku: Z04X24Z-40pcs

    Unit price € 0.85
    Quantity per carton 40
    Price per carton € 34.00
  7. Z330225K

    Z330225K Sku: Z330225K-200pcs

    Unit price € 0.37
    Quantity per carton 200
    Price per carton € 74.00
  8. Z08JIFK (Lid only)

    Z08JIFK Sku: Z08JIFK-500pcs

    Unit price € 0.13
    Quantity per carton 500
    Price per carton € 65.00
  9. Z24JIFK (Lid only)

    Z24JIFK Sku: Z24JIFK-200pcs

    Unit price € 0.29
    Quantity per carton 200
    Price per carton € 58.00
  10. Z10TABK

    Z10TABK Sku: Z10TABK-600pcs

    Unit price € 0.12
    Quantity per carton 600
    Price per carton € 72.00